sweet weekend


yes, indeed this was..a yummy breakfast tht maa prepared…n then dey went out to meet relatives..n me chilling all day, complete ma pending tasks, reading 2-3 newspapers, watching TV, sleeping amidst the cool breeze & yummy rain droplets!!!! Dehradun season is must watch…green, green, n green alla round…the curtains were dancing on their tunes, n giving such moves,wooo..amazed….my hairds were dancing & got bounced wid the pace of cute rain….
just WOW….yes, some might think is this chill to watch tv or reading newspapers, but people let me clear your doubts…
yest it’s chill for me who usually din’t get to watch it..waise bhi it feels nice sometimes when u got to spend the day all alone…as dis helps u to knw yourself better….
tht’s missing nowadays…
people say-very busy, hey, didn’t u read the article on Mukesh Ambani..even he has to time for himself, her dancing wife, cute children, lovely maa, son’s friends, people….Learn something & start living your life, not just spending it like notes!!!


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