lts of wrk


im really tired now, but the time doesn’t end morning started wid the bad stomache which forced me to take short leave for the day…completing so much work at office, interacting with people & maintaining tht cheery attitude…uffff!!! so much demanding i am…
ghar aake to play & answer thousands + questions of little cousin…inspite of eating nothing whole day…( those who don’t know, i keep fast on Mondays- nothing so say)

dinner, home work..n submitting two forms online…im done now…hey hey..dats not the end..shut the net off..n study something..tht will help u in future..nthing else…hang on..let me complete 2 more line amidst the sweet lata’s song:

“am lonely, yet i know someone there…
is this life? im here, he’s there…
hey friends, don’t strain so much…
this is life, beautiful life..

it demands more but shower even more….
u feel lone but there’s a shore…
so be quiet & think deeply…
the one u love, is here & always care…

let some time to grow, let u realize
it’s a beautiful life, your life..

the stone of pain will brush u a while….
the time of distance will test u sometime..
if u win, all is yours,
so don’t lose your heart, just love your heart..
always remember dis is life, a beautiful life….

put your eyes closer to your heart…
remember your real pals…
simple love them & now open your eyes…
the one you live is close to your heart
& now you will say, it’s a beautiful life”

Sweet dreamz!!!


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