Micheal- World will miss u…


Stars always remain in limelight…And when there is Supernova-What more we can say of…..

Head off to this Millenium Star..though I never have been a great fan of him, But Micheal Jackson- the name speaks glory on itself…

Died due to Heart attack at age 50…

I’m unable to recollect how many surgeries he had, how depth he was in debt, then some ‘not to spoke’ cases…But
it’s impossible to guess which face looks more better on him”Black or White”
Which dance move was not worthy to watch
Superb dance, hat, ‘ohhhhh’ style…wat to say

We will miss you…

U are in my memories since I was a child & i used to twinkle my eyes watching your dance no matter what you sing, watching the infinite crowd around u and tht protection army…

Ofcourse, music lovers will miss u…


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