some moments..worthy and best to mention


Indeed those moments were worth it for me that I spend with my Sister, Brother-in law and Big Bro at Delhi…
Standing at the balcony of Delhi Metro, I had a look of the mushrooming floors, apartments, n most above the inifinte presence of people all rushing in this Dilwali Dilli…
So for these 2 days I was also part of it..

yes, I enjoyed , so what If maximum time, we were at home only , we four, so what we had to fight against super-seeding heat also, but the time spend with closed pals..who are part of your heart is remomarable…
I love the time with Didi..Pyara sa kuchu sa..

Time has changed so much now..Earlier we used to live together.share a common room..but now as we grew older and older (Plz note we are not too aged!!!)..distance speed up…But yes..togetherness remains strenghneded and long-lasting..

I love u ddi, bahiya, n Jijaji..


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