I don’t Know what;s happening..


A real nation, a free nation…All are the precious gifts of almighty God..All are unique in some ways..All have different identity..God sends each person on this earth ek ek karke!!!(Ya some are lucky though to cum with fellow twin-twins)…

SO why someone stole someone identity..why someone finds it a born right to supress someone..What I find to select on myself..Why I am ruling for the same for someone else…For 2 people 1 heart can act well..Ya We can connect the hearts so they might tuned up well…but w can operate all the human beings with just one single heart or brain…Lakhs of years have passed with this forseen and brutal reality..Now I have got the opportunity to vibe my wings and fly higher..I am Innocent,gently and pure..I want the kind guidance,help and support..But let me own feel the sense of true myself..Don’t shorten up my wings..Please God don’t let this happen..Not only to me,but for all..Please don’t do that..Let me embrace my heart!!


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