seven oceans for seven rivers!!!


Little dreams
Tiny eyes…
A lovely heart often mesmerize….
To feel someone so far,
Yet so near that even air couldn’t pass

Life blinks, it sinks
Steep below and above
Walking all space around..
Finally reach to someone, so fair
That pretty soul happily profound

I don’t know how it happened
A cloud chuckled or da mind got shakened
How can I recall the unspoken meetings of past?
These eyes opened, n this heart pacing fast and fast..

That symphonic vista is till here
Every moment roars with love,
No matter you are near or far
I’m yours with your love, love and love..

A gentle touch
This soul wishes to fly…

Love, trust, patience to say
This moment walks my everyday
It’s clocking now to show on
The real life,I pray everyday

Now it’s the moment…

I can see the horizon
From naked eyes, a violet dream
Dazzling desires wants to play on. Make my day, built my life,
Nor a tiny place or a single place…
Just want u to embark my lovely life page…


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