roadies to be part on!!!

7 Deadly sins…love is war…gang of frenz…..n bla bla bla….n yes Vj hunt ofcourse…I really don deny i didn’t tried to capture my profile too…(leaving splitsvilla -too oomph for innocence)..
But ya do they look for me..or just focussed on short skirts..tones of F*** & S***..hate..war..n endless desire to shame…
As I ponder on more, I got skip of words in my mind…thinking abt wat they really take on…
perhaps they don need some talented minds and they prefer baby boon heads to dance at their toes…

creating a heap of crowd that just crawled here and here after move out of such reality shows…

Love and friendship is such a pure and divine feeling..I am too excited to know the secret how the people in reality show instantly make and break!!!….wow…I feel sad after not recieved a call for them..I am sad a little for them who missed a supersonic star and a picture perfect..
n I feel happy for myself as Innocence is still there!!!

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