As the minds goes crazy….


I don’t know why I started lightning my words amidst the working cycle. Butyes, that’s something that boosted me back to work with much ignition.
Life changes whether all of a sudden or gradually. Maintaining thisuniversal truth, it happened with me in May 2008, when being stucked up instudent life since birth, I turned out to be a working professional.
I got lessons in my own way from working and earning and spending myprecious hours of life at work. I would successfully complete my 2 gloriousyears this May’2010. But when I actually summarize my past achievements ,it feels “Hold On”
The time now desires for another sea change, for another exploration , toreach and win other colors of life. Not Nevertheless like other jobhoppers, my heart is searching for a fine destination now. Rather toexplore another job, the exploration is now to search my inner-self.


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