I miss you…


May be I am facing an ugly PC
But my eyes are on you
Hardly matters how many people I met
When my love of life is you.

I keep counting the lonely days
I keep listening the lovely praise
I keep enjoying these boring chatters
But my word of voice is you

Life embraces all on its own ways
For me, it’s only what your heart says
When you are besides I feel happy
Nevertheless still happy in another ways
I love to like this lonely spring
When such lovely promises are for you

Even though love has 2 more seasons to go
Yet my mind swings to and fro
Still I hold that twinkle that fickles
Still I hold that cute enchanting breathe
Still my lips got readily freezes
Still I admire that fanatical breeze

Why the sea shore has to be in queue
When your palm destination is near to you
Why so much waiting and streams of paining
Whom my heart wanna to be bestow, is just you.


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