ek wishes yeh bhi!!


Started the day wearing new brown-white striped new shirt and jeans.

Enlightened the heart with diva and small set of prayer for someone and

It’s 12:30 still I am waiting for a sweet call, mesmerized in my dreams to
hear the sweet gentle call that has the power even to vibrate whole spring.

Just shared the essence of chocolate with my co-fellows hoping that
somewhere the melodies of chocolate is also touched.

Now it’s 5:48 Pm..I am about to leave this boring office in few more
minutes. Leaving behind dreams of memorable moments that can have enchanted
the spirits of this lovely day.

Nevertheless the feel is good with a positive hope of having such
magnificent days in coming time..

Back to the scene again, I had 2 yummy chocolates today..I fulfilled the gap for someone and pray for the equal sweetness for everyone!!!

Just missed the golden opportunity to walk and talk..but no worries..all is mine only..

GOd bless all..


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