I love u Bhaiya!!


Yes, Bhaiya I love you alot. Being my Big Bro you have always supported me in my every facet of life.

Notorious were the days when we used to fight and used to get upset from each other. But as we grew up, your kind shield of love and care got strength day by day.
No matter far or near, you have always been with me and Didi..While it was saving us from Papa’s scold or winning over Mummy’s decisions….

Bhaiya+Didi mere sath hain hamesha..N yes you were dere always leaving behind any second thought!

Chahe swimming shikhna ho ya any career decision, Bhaiya is there..

Now when you are hurted and sad I want to be with you. We all want to be wid you , supporting you with our best hearts!!

Yes, whatever happened is nevertheless a good thing for the long term but to be relieved from today’s pain is crucial!

Don’t worry Bro. Time will pass on and good things will appear very soon!!
Take Care..Love u…

We, the family is with u always!!


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