Life has some pains too….


past days have been very shocking and sad moments!!!

what we thought and what actually happen in life..At one side there was fun, a train of happiness, dreams, new belongingness, cheer, loud …

And suddenly everything evaporated like anything!!

19th was the day when we got a good thing in life, 19th was the day when everything shattered with breaking the happiness of forthcoming 19th..

In life whatever happens, it’s actually for all betterment with God’s desire but seeing the pain of our dear ones is very paining!!

To give them support, sharing nice words and just to be with them is actually one crave for! Yes, in these few years I have turned myself towards some practical notions of life, but when something hurts family and their dreams, it pains alot shattering all the wall of practicality.

God please be with us as you have always been with us and show us the right path!
Just support us with your kind hands……


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