Adieu for a new career page!!


Today was my last day with my first company . The memories are enormous but the words are not plentiful…

The past 2 years have nurtured my inner-confidence and it’s all because of thee kind support and RMSI learning and vibrant environment!!

I owe my sincere thanks to all for trusting upon me in every step of my professional journey..

My best wishes to all from bottom of my heart. I cease with some that are reflection of my thoughts:

It’s a delicate moment for me
With fragile waves of emotions,
I’m writing my last words here
yet my thoughts getting quick frozen.

The past 2 years aromas smells are so fresh!
the matter of past times feel too afresh…
What I feel, above are still simple words
But the words of heart will not be spurred

Transition from a fresher to a professional
Learning and rising being the sole thirst
I learned the best amidst the best minds
With all gentle support and mildest touch..

I have opted this time to move on
but my footsteps shall be always there
I will never forgot thee kind affection
A ray of enjoyment and that utmost care!

I adieu my adorable good bye to all
But it’s a new beginning to ponder on
True Bonding is forever, so be in contact
So that a happy life goes on!!


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