I don’t know why..I just need you


Sometimes I feel,
Is it very needed to love you?
To cry for u, and miss you?
To think and write petite lines
Wid just one start & end, that’s you..
Why I work and think about you
Don’t recall wat’s so special about you
Love has all colors of joy
So why not this rainbow without you..
And now I’m so tired with these empty questions
And feeling like to rest on you..
Don’t know again, why simply you
Why only you, who really are you??
Need your hands and utmost care..
Waiting to be watched by your eyes
Why you and you for my paradise..
You for the spring, you for the eyes
You for the day, you for the sunshine
And now I don’t wanna say it on & on
Why, why and why??
It’s lovely to say you, you, just you
Just want you my sweetheart…


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