I am jst unaware, what to do??


What to write…What to do
Just thinking about you, as I always do….
Time of celebration,
Grooving with the colors…
My minds yet stops somewhere,
Still thinking, what to do…
Why are you not here?
Why I am not there??
When love is pure and endless,
I wish to have enchanting atmosphere
Better things should happen now,
Little magic for me to be in your arms
My eyes and mind captivated by you
Now dream is over…and now what to do??
I am there with all…yet there is emptiness
Love, happiness and cheer, still feeling like soulless…
Fill this gap, ignite some strength…
Imbibe your life…fill till all depth…
Now my all words are over….
You are smiling from distance…
I want to touch you and now what to do??


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