Happy Birthday My Love

Allow me to wish you from the bottom of my heart
Happy Birthday My love, My sweetheart
From the day we met and the steps we made
Life has been always splendid to me
From the moments as “ gunda” to the fun-fights as “Raata”
I have only earned the moments to cherish
Our days and night spend together are vibrant
That led my life to simply flourish
Allow me to thank your from the bottom of my heart
My soul is with you and my heart with thou heart
I don’t want to count days since we are together
I just want to walk away with you forever
Today we are two and let the life bless us with tiny angels in our life
And let your life always have fragrance of love and treasure
Allow me to be with you till eternity and accept my heart
Let me purify my life by loving you more
You are a hidden gem and most precious for me
My life had been a straight running path if you hadn’t been with me
You have absolved me from the fragility of cruel life
And guided me always to be “real me”
Allow me to kiss you and hug tight on your shoulder
My love, my best wishes are for you on your birthday
Accept me the way I want to be
Love me the way you want to be


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