Dear Santa, I want a Doll

Dear Santa,

This year has been full of surprises for me. I learned to sit, walk and run this year and slowly I’m gearing up to do all kind of mischiefs that my parents have ever imagined! I want to explore all the fun and goodness of life. I know I will grow up soon but when I look at my parent’s eye, I believe they never want me to grow up. So please do me a favor and bless me with a little doll, that can remind me to stay like a child forever.

A cute-little doll that reflects similar to me… At present I have good number of Teddies but I don’t play with them because they don’t resemble me. I’m the first child of my parents and  sometimes I feel like to play with babies of my age. A tall pranky doll will be a prefect match to have fun and I promise, I will happily share my all toys with her. Mumma- Papa often don’t play with me the way I want to and since I’m too small to speak weel, it becomes very hard to explain my needs everytime with them. A doll might help me this way.

I know I’m a little late to wish but new year is still 2 days away. So Dear Santa don’t forget a cute child’s wish.


Lots of Love..


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