To all the people who didn’t planned anything for 31st, I’m with you. Some did planned wonderfully, few flew abroad, few drove to the beautiful cities of country, some checked-in at relatives or friend’s place and few banged up the best DJ party of the town! While many remained in their nest only and simply cooked (or ate) scrumptous food or watched the PM’s speech or those evergreen yet lackluster TV shows.. Many had hosted get-together at home, and got nice chance to crack old memories with pals.. And there were still many who did nothing and went up for a cosy- early sleep!!!


Every idea of spending this wonderful eve was splendid and even if someone was alone, he should have been at least with his heart because a new dawn will definitely bring a little more love in your life, a little more hope…

And that’s the trust we all live in.. Let’s upkeep this belief.. Happy new year guys.. Thank you and take care…

P.S. A glass of wine, a tiny cake and a little devil to give you fun:) And ofcourse a lovely companion…


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