Simplicity- the only quality you need for a perfect love

When I was in my first year of college one of my friend shockingly proposed me; I refused instantly. He tried for weeks to come but every time my answer was a big ‘No’. One day he got irritated and smirked at my face, ‘ what you think you are, are you waiting for a guy to come from another planet to qualify for you’? I honestly didn’t remember what reply I gave back to him but I feel irked at the idea of why girls need to tell what they exactly looking for?

Since the time I could understand romantic feelings, I always had a penchant for ‘simplicity’ on my mind; a subtleness that don’t compel you to prove yourself in front of anyone. It’s like winning someone’s heart without telling the person that he qualifies to win; that should be a natural process. I wanted to wait for that moment when I could feel the things are working out naturally without any false or fabricated efforts. ‘When you don’t have to prove but it naturally reflect your inner-self’.

Something like that happened to me when I coincidentally got a chance to speak to someone years ago. Since the very beginning I got the hint that something is very special here and then everything began to feel ‘just’ right !

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

And it was the beauty of his simplicity that filtered from his words to deeds in my heart and one day we decided to meet without even knowing each other; yes we had never seen each other before. For me it was my first date ( probably for him as well). I could see how he came un-prepared without any script or pre-planned thoughts in his mind. He was dressed in a loose- woolen romper matched with a rustic muffler and his beard was complementing his eyes that kept on penetrating my attention the entire time we spoke or rather opted to stay silent; later on I wondered how on earth can a guy dress up like this to meet his girl and yet slay as the most charming guy?

It took me while to pick-up the word but yes that’s the beauty of being simple in a relationship if you believe in staying one not just for a season but forever!

Even if someone may ask me one quality that has the power to win’s someone’s heart, I would always chose simplicity. We may differ in our opinions, expression and choices but the art of not impressing but rather staying true to own self; I guess that can really help a relationship to keep moving. What do you think, what’s the one quality that you admire most in a relationship?


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