Planning little princess 4th birthday party

This year’s celebrations were very special and important for us. So we explored all the nice options in the town for organizing a birthday party. Kids of age group 4 years typically like to have fun and pretend play rather than a formal scrumptious dinner setting or magic or puppet shows! They take this as an opportunity to explore and engage with their friends. Honestly all the decent options came to be quite expensive like INR 1000 per kid and INR 800 per adult for a 2 hour play area and 3×3 appetizers and main course meal!

Welcome to my daughter’s 4 birthday party 🙂 🙂

I didn’t find it feasible to spend half a lac just for a 2 hour show, so we later switched to a house party; but even that’s a tough part especially in this hot, rainy and humid weather. The main question still remained as a puzzle- how to engage small kids at home?

Play area setup: So then I came through this idea of setting a play area in home, so I checked couple of websites and Instagram account and finally confirmed Toyexpress for a 3X3 play area comprising 6 big toys for half-day setup.

Theme: Being a budding Peppa Pig fan, out theme was obvious and even it’s not a tricky theme to organize for someone like me; my daughter also loves princess theme equally, so I will keep that for the next year!

Invitations: I only had 8-10 invitations to make so I googled few birthday invitations, some of the options were paid. So I simply downloaded and cropped one pic and wrote my text through the photoshop and later whatsapped it to all her friends whom I had to invite on her birthday. Cost: 0

multiple options available if you Google

Decoration: Now that came out to be another fuss because in Gurgaon even a simple balloon decoration is very costly. The ones I checked with were charging not less than 4K, at the end I chose Urban Clap services and with an extra confetti balloon, it costed my only INR 1600. Even there is a set of peppa pig balloons online, in case you want to put some themed balloons.

I also ordered a name banner for my daughter in less than INR 250 with her name and picture on it.

Theme party accessories: So I ordered this beautiful combo set through Amazon and got 10 sets of Peppa Pig birthday caps, paper plates, paper cups, forks (unfortunately plastic), tissue paper, 1 big table mat, birthday candles, popcorn boxes and a nice bunting in just INR 999; in-toto that was an excellent deal!

Snacks: So we thought alot about this , and finalized to keep it simple and homely. That means no colas, chips or pizzas or even burgers. Since we hail from Uttarakhand, so we prepared some traditional food : Urad dal fritters and Semolina-curd-sugar Malpue. Ofcourse at the end, I included the famous french fries, cookies but not the colas. My FIL had got the famous Rhododendron juice from the hometown, so I simply added lemon and mint in the glass jar and poured this herbal juice for the guests; needless to say everybody loved this traditional touch!

Recipe link

Recipe link

Main course and cake: The most important element for a successful party at home is to have a homely touch in everything; so we prepared everything at home.

  1. Chhole (chickpeas)- Rice
  2. Mix vegetables- Poori
  3. Curd-Salad
  4. Rice kheer

And no ice-cream or store- dessert; and trust me Parents were happy to see that!

Return Gifts: Now this is very personal because my daughter is extremely fond of books, so we ordered Peppa Pig books for the kids and packed it alongwith Peppa Pig tatoo kids to add the fun, both shopped through Amazon!

At the end, you may question; is it really necessary to celebrate a 4 year old birthday party? Well we didn’t had any party for the first 2 years ( first year, second year ) and had a very simple party last year but this year we felt the need to celebrate!

My daughter began her formal schooling this year, formal schooling means lesser parent’s intervention, extended school hours, academic exposure and introduction of large group of stranger friends. Everyday she would cry in the morning while leaving for the school and while returning back she won’t share any school update to me. In the evening while at park, she would go blank watching others and craving for good friends; I knew that birthday party would be a nice platform for me to see a glimpse of her budding friendship and check if I need to intervene in her social skills development.

And at the end it turning out to be a total fun and memorable evening, everybody loved the idea of the toy setup at home and kids fully enjoyed each other’s company, make new friends and had a gala time with my princess.

Did you liked the concept and the event details? Would love to receive your feedback.

Please write to me if you need any support or have further query!

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5 thoughts on “Planning little princess 4th birthday party

  1. I read each and every sentence of the post. I could literally visualize the whole theme, struggle, efforts, and happiness on the kids face 🙂 Well organized and well-thought party. I love house parties too. Heard about the healthy drink for the very first time, will check it. Belated Happy Birthday to the Princess 🙂 Virtual hugs & kisses.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

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    1. Thankyou so much Varsha. Yes it was good .and I actually wanted to avoid outdoor parties for her and inculcate the feeling of house parties. Because as per me, they are the real fun, affordable and memorable


  2. This is exactly the post that I was looking for as I am planning for my kiddos 4th birthday bash well. I found some really interesting things such as having a play area at home and themed balloons.
    Thanks Arti for this amazing post and for giving me and the missus the hope to pull a birthday party at home without much headache.

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