The shall love you from pure heart!


Countless are the words written about love
Million of words are still pondering in heart
So what if I add some more lines,
Will it matter for your heart?

Like singers have song millions of songs
Trillions will be composed in course of time,
The song that I’m singing now for so long,
Will it knock like mellow at your heart?

I am writing some poems
With perplexed jotted words…
Brush-avoiding the so called terminology
Will it stick to your soft heart?

I can’t sing like a singer
Neither can shower a splendid dance
The only thing I knew and affirm
Is to love you from my true heart

Almighty God has bestow a pure vibe of love
To all his creatures, to all of us
I found this love for you in my heart
Do you have the feel in your pure heart?

Nor I am Obtuse, nor an insane
Nor this love for you will ever fade
Love always finds its destination I know
For a happy smile I’ll happily await!!


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